From start to finish we developed the concept and strategy for the project, bringing together two of Hong Kong's creatives minds, a musician and an artist. Their challenge 'to create the best party possible in a raw disused label factory in the industrial heartland of HK. We strategically assessed how to introduce Absolut's 'Transform Today' strategy, starting with a blank canvas and transforming the space into a truly inspirational experience. 


  • We had 6,000 images tagged on Instagram.

  • 25,000 video views before the event started with very limited media spend.

  • We engaged a creative community of 60 leading artists and creatives to work on the project.

  • All tickets to the event were claimed within 7 days.

  • This event is remembered and still excites it's audience 3 years later.


ABSOLUT x Clockenflap


In our long standing relationship with we continue to deliver full service consultancy, event production and management to Apple Hong Kong and Macao. We have worked on over 60 events with local and international talent and industry thought leaders showcasing their respective creative talents, entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. Time and again we have delivered product launches, entertainment and digital content in order to meet the exceptional high expectations of one of the worlds most prolific brands.


  • Ten's of thousands of visits through the store

  • Apple is ingrained in Hong Kong society through their products and lifestyle

  • Reaching new audiences and communities through partner event

  • Developing ties with industry leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Producing unrivalled content for use across PR and marketing


  • Engaged photographers, DJs, artists, chefs, models, stylists and many more of the cities influential people

  • Produced 2,000 professional grade photographs the brand was able to leverage across the community and online

  • Effectively told the brand story on event highlighting the importance of 'pouring the perfect pint' in a real time activation

  • Solidified Guinness as THE original craft ale in HK


DRKRMS is a photography platform for Asia's best new photographers who share a passion for dark underground culture. Both being fans of the dark, we worked with Guinness in delivering a broad events schedule, delivery unique studio events with the DRKRMS community in a series of interesting underground locations throughout Hong Kong.


Our team were tasked with delivering a beach experience for Club Monaco. Issues with location, noise and weather all played there part and presenting our production crews with an unusual set of challenges. The pop up space was transformed into a number of different areas and BRANDBEAT was able to deliver music entertainment along side the cinema with isolated sound. We also delivered an array of digital media content for the brand to use across their channels before, during and post event.


  • Screened two notable films in adverse conditions

  • 300 people through the doors left with smiles

  • Successfully negotiation with government and beach authorities

  • Beach fashion shoot was used in wider campaign communications



  • A big crowd of 600 football fans on event with everyone able to have a clear view of the games

  • 400 bullet time images shared

  • Positive reviews across all relevant media

  • 14,145 unique impressions across online post event

  • 246 individually personlized shirts given to attendees

  • 70% of all attendees used activation areas within party

  • We also produced the first 360 photo sharing activation in HK

Probably The Best
Euro's Ever

Carlsberg a synonymous with large events in Hong Kong. Our challenge was to try and convince the brand to think differently around the latest event. We delivered a much hyped 500 person event in the heart of Hong Kong for the EUFA EURO Championship 2016. We dressed the entire venue like Stade Francais with intricate details and immersive digital experiences. Entertainment included performances from Sukimama, Freestyle genius Yin and the entire team dressed up in stadium official outfits from photographers to referees.